The Mouldings facilities at JRD comprise a selection of up stroking compression presses with a lock force range of 35 to 500 tons.
In 1980, the first injection moulding press was purchased to enable more complex products to be manufactured. The company has continued to invest in further injection moulding machines as a means of improving both quality and production efficiency.  We now have 9 REP presses, off which, 4 are the latest generation with touch screen technology.  More recently, we have invested in a 500T press with a 1.3m square platen which will enable us to move our bearing seal diameter from current maximum of 600 mm to over 1m.

The company includes within its product range, bearing seals, rollers, valves, gaskets plus a wide range of miscellaneous items as requested by our customer base. These products can be moulded in a wide range of commercially available elastomers.

We have developed particular expertise in bonding rubber to metal, ceramics and PTFE. These applications cover small bearing seals up to large cast steel pipe valves.

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The future plans for the company include a continued expansion within our current customer base, together with diversification into other industrial sectors both at home and abroad.

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